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Busking, bacon and Bob Dylan – this is Matty Oliver

Sitting in a satin, sapphire blue robe is Newcastle’s very own Bob Dylan. He rolls a cigarette, sets it alight, and tells the tale of his musical endeavours. 

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Music From Before The Storm…Literally, storm Aileen is coming

Experimentation is a key part in developing musically. From The Beatles’ Revolver to Taylor Swift’s metamorphosis from country to pop with her 1989 album, it happens to most during their musical journey.

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Little Grim release a pretty infectious tune

Little Grim are the answer to our electro-indie dreams, with their new single, ‘Infectious’.

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Track of the week #12

The ecstasy of Summer has been and gone. With September coming sharp round the corner, it’s time to stick on your favourite knitted jumper.

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Track of the week #11

W/C: 14/08/2017

Stay still, as I present to you, another timeless classic…

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Track of the week #10


“If it’s T.Rex that’s on, you ought to turn it up”

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A Childhood you’ll want to hear about…

South London boys, Childhood, are reaching new heights with their second album ‘Universal High’.

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Track of the week #9

W/C: 31/07/2017

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

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Track of the week #8

W/C: 24/07/2017

This morning, the BBC published an article presenting the facts about the increasing number of cases of eating disorders amongst males in the UK.

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