Squashed in the back of a Ford KA, I had a chat with the alt-indie rockers from Sunderland who are making waves in the North East music scene…

Enter Post Rome:

“Are you actually posting this recording?” – thankfully, not. 

So where did it all begin?

Jamie: We met in nursery.

Jasper: Yeah, me and Jamie met in nursery. 

Ben: I don’t know where the f*ck I came from.

Jasper: So we were all about four years old when we first met and went all through school together.

How very cute is that? Drummer, Jamie, then went on, expanding upon how their musical journey began:

Jamie: Ben always played guitar…And then we had a show and tell lesson that made me want to learn drums.

Jasper: These guys had guitar and drums down, so I decided to pick up bass…I come from a musical family and play a bit of everything.

As most schools do, there’s always an overly enthusiastic, Jack Black in ‘School Of Rock’ music teacher…in this case it was Mr.Wilson. The lads explained that this fella’ wanted to put gigs on in the school hall…

Jamie: So we did a few covers, like ‘Run To The Hills’ by Iron Maiden…

Jasper: ‘Doctor Doctor’ by UFO and ‘Pinball Wizard’ by The Who.

Jamie: and we’ve been doing that since year 6 assembly and enjoyed it, so just continued.


Who are your main influences?

Bassist and lead singer, Jasper, jumped straight on this question with a slightly alternative answer…

Jasper: I don’t think that we have influences. We have bands we all like, then we have bands that some of us do like and some of us don’t. I think we just draw from that and we don’t go “Oh I think we should sound like this/that band”.

Hats off to them though, these northern boys have blown a breath of fresh air down the neck of the North East music scene, giving us all the chills with their distinctive sounds of triumphant yet heart breaking indie rock ballads. 

Earlier on in the evening, I admitted that they had come on to my release radar on Spotify, with their new single ‘Tides’, and when I was listening thought to myself, that sounds like Post Rome. Low and behold, it was!

Jamie: I’ve never really been inspired that much by bands more than I have rhythmically through house music and listening to individual drummers. Then Ben and Jasper…

Jasper: …just do our own sh*t. We each have our own sound – we all know what sound we want.

To Ben “Where did you draw inspiration for your sound from?”

Ben: An amp.

Ben: I’m into Iron Maiden and stuff; I’ve seen Rammstein as well, which was mint. But uh, nah, I just create my own sh*t. Whatever sounds good man.


Blunt and to the point – I like it.

Tell me about ‘G.O.D’

Now, I was expecting this question to take a rather serious and philosophical turn.

Jasper: God?

Jamie: GOD! The first thing to talk about is the first bit of the song, which is the beat. I’d come up with that at college. That, I THINK, I sub-consciously drew from a punk band called AS IT IS; their drummer always likes to go round the kit. 

I took the beat into the practise room and Ben came in with this riff he already had. Then Jasper came up with a mint bass line straight away.

Jamie had also conjured up the opening lyrics:

I met God in a local bar. He drank the same as us.

Apparently, the song can have several interpretations depending on the context, however, Jamie’s favourite is that it’s about the naivety of trying to impress others. 

Now, tell me about ‘Tides’

Jasper: Musically, it’s a super happy song. We don’t have any crazy, bouncy tunes in the set, apart from this song. But the lyrics contrast the sound. It’s still about getting upset and saying “I just want you to know that I love you” and unrequited sh*t. Like you know when you like a bird and she doesn’t like you back? Yeah that.

(I feel bad for any non-Geordie readers right now. Another classic example of the northern lingo.)

What happens now?

Jasper: I’ve still got another year of college.

Ben: I don’t go to college, I have a full time job…I took the easy way out and got an apprenticeship…We’re all staying here.

Jamie: There will be talk of an album definitely, but an EP has gotta come first. Our sights are set on an EP. 


Jasper: There’s going to be some songs that are already recorded on the EP, but there’s going to be some new tunes as well… just to add some spice.

Jamie: We kinda just released ‘G.O.D’ and ‘Tides’ as singles, just to let people know “We’re here, we’re actually a thing!”. They will be on the EP I think, because they’re a soundtrack to our formative years as a band, which is what the EP is all about.

So there you have it, they are here and with exciting times ahead.

With a sound like nothing you’ve heard before, you’d best get yourself down to a show. 

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Credits to the sick pics from https://www.instagram.com/eyezulsworth/



Mint – adjective: great, good, cool, fantastic, amazing

Bird – noun: a female or a girl, usually good looking

Class – adjective: see ‘Mint’