South London boys, Childhood, are reaching new heights with their second album ‘Universal High’.

Now, we’ve not heard much from these fellas since the release of the debut album ‘Lacuna’ all the way back in 2014, and the sounds they have been dishing out of late are pretty tasty.

The band has got some new shoes, and we’re talking funk…not blues. The dreamy synth and twinkly, reverb drenched guitar have taken a backseat this time round, making space for a flashy and, by gosh, FUNKY rhythm guitar to take the wheel.

‘A.M.D’, the first of this ten track tour de force, sets the scene. Showing off, a serene synth opens in 7/4 followed by a plethora of seventh chords and hypnotic vocals.

As the album progresses, it takes a trip in the time machine, giving listeners the feels with an 80s pop vibe. ‘Nothing Ever Seems Right’ was the last single to tease us with what was to come from the album. Slowly, the song builds up through the verse leading to a sweet release in the chorus, with held synth pads and, you guessed it, some more funky guitar. Listen to that one if you like Simple Minds.

With the present dream-pop scene ever-growing, it’s no wonder that comparisons are being drawn with psychedelic rockers Tame Impala.

And if you like this album, then you should have a peek at their debut album, ‘Lacuna’.