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Track of the week #12

The ecstasy of Summer has been and gone. With September coming sharp round the corner, it’s time to stick on your favourite knitted jumper.

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Track of the week #11

W/C: 14/08/2017

Stay¬†still, as I present to you, another timeless classic…

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Track of the week #10


“If it’s T.Rex that’s on, you ought to turn it up”

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Track of the week #8

W/C: 24/07/2017

This morning, the BBC published an article presenting the facts about the increasing number of cases of eating disorders amongst males in the UK.

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Track of the week #7

W/C: 10/07/2017

This week, up North, we have a pretty decent weather forecast…

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Track of the week #6

W/C: 26/06/2017

Summer is upon us…

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Track of the week #5

W/C: 05/06/2017

¬†With recent events, I’m seriously starting to have my doubts about the human race.

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Track of the week #4

W/C: 08/05/2017

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Track of the week #3

W/C: 01/05/2017

What would the bank holiday be without a song about the bank holiday?

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