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Track of the week #5

W/C: 05/06/2017

 With recent events, I’m seriously starting to have my doubts about the human race.

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Track of the week #4

W/C: 08/05/2017

Okay, granted it is pretty late in the week, but there is good reason for it… Continue reading “Track of the week #4”

The girls bite back…

After impatiently waiting four years, these indie chicks have finally shed some light on what they’ve been up to all this time. Continue reading “The girls bite back…”

Track of the week #3

W/C: 01/05/2017

What would the bank holiday be without a song about the bank holiday?

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Track of the week #2

W/C: 10/04/2017

 The song I have chosen this week was crafted by the angels.

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‘3 boys with a story to tell’ release debut album

After patiently waiting for four years, it is HERE!

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Track of the week #1

W/C: 03/04/2017

This track of the week is super special.

And I simply do not know how to write words that could even touch on it’s beauty. Continue reading “Track of the week #1”

Scarves, Spells and Hidden Charms

Putting us under a spell lately, have been London boys, Hidden Charms, with their long hair, neck scarves and steamy music. Continue reading “Scarves, Spells and Hidden Charms”

But it feels so right…

Firstly, thank you for even reading my first post; it means a great deal. Now to the good stuff. I thought, what better way to introduce my new blog than sharing some new music with you?

This cool four-piece from Reading call themselves ‘Sundara Karma’. If you haven’t heard of them, well, shame on you; get listening now…now! Continue reading “But it feels so right…”

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